Harold Linde (Producer) creates new environmental mythologies—”eco-myths”—using multi-platform media and innovative storytelling to demonstrate how humans can creatively collaborate with other species and the environment. He has worked with such organizations as International Fund for Animal Welfare, Forest Ethics, Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network, Free the Slaves, Doctors Without Borders, Peace Corps and the United Nations—as well as such film and television projects as 11th Hour, Battle in Seattle, DragonflyTV, 30 Days, and Big Ideas for a Small Planet. He is the recipient of the WorldFest Gold Special Jury Medal, Gold Medal International CINDY, New York Film & Video Gold Medal, Catalyst Gold Medal, San Jose Film Festival Joey, TELLY, and Japan Wildlife Film Festival Message Awards. His favorite cetacean is the fin whale—known as the “greyhound of the whale world.”
jessica gardiner D
Jessica Gardiner (Producer) delights in taking audiences to unexpected places. As a young actor, Gardiner appeared in such films as Sophie’s World, Mysteries of the Dark Jungle and The Razor’s Edge working with the likes of Paul Greengrass, John Byrum, John Rhys-Davies and Bill Murray. She appeared on television in The Orchid House, Young Jung, The New Zorro and The Detectives for the BBC and on stage with Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Los Angeles Repertory, Shaftesbury Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Company. As a Production Coordinator, Archivist and Photographer, she has worked with Patagonia, TreePeople, Lighthouse Medical Missions, LA Cancer Challenge and Free the Slaves. She has also led poetry workshops for at-risk urban youth with Get Lit/Words Ignite. Her photography documents abandoned human settlements in otherworldly landscapes. Her favorite whale is the humpback.