POD TUNE reviewed in Czech ArtMag A2 article WAILS, SIGHS AND GRUNTS: Whale songs in Popular Music

“Achieves a very intimate connection with the sonic manifestation of whales with ease and effortlessness…” by Vojtěch Jírovec.[Read the entire article]

Mikael Jorgensen of Wilco Musing on His POD TUNE Contribution

“To be able to jam with the humpbacks was an absolute joy…” reflected Mikael Jorgensen of Wilco earlier this year. [Read the entire article]

POD TUNE Examined in Dutch Creative Journal The Grid by Visionary Animism Scholar

“Adds enigma instead of subtracting it…” by scholar Bogna M Konior who is exploring inter-species shamanism and visual arts in the Anthropocene. [Read the entire article]

POD TUNE Appears in August Issue of Global Tea Hut

“A great tea album…”[Read the entire article]

POD TUNE Debuts on KCRW’s Rhythm Planet Show with Tom Schnabel

“With all the screaming and shouting heads of this political season, I thought it would be a nice change to listen to some “natural conversations.” Perhaps some might even find certain tracks to be soothing or mesmerizing…”[Read the entire […]

Landscape Music’s Nell Shaw Cohen Reviews POD TUNE

“A sonic tapestry evoking oceanic experiences and imagining sonic bridges between human and whale…”[Read the entire article]

LA Weekly’s Jonny Coleman Reviews POD TUNE


“Ambient music based on whale songs has no business being this good…”[Read the entire article]

Polish Electronic Music Journal Polyphonia Reviews POD TUNE

“One thing is certain: the whales sing too, and their serenades fill the entire ocean…”[Read the entire article]

Michael Durek Listened 10 Times to POD TUNE for Reivew in The Brooklyn Rail


“I think the humpback whales would approve…”[Read the entire article]

POD TUNE featured in Santa Monica Daily Press

“Pod Tune’ album unites art, activism…”[Read the entire article]