“This is music the way nature intended…”

                                                                                                                                                                                             The Incidentally
Our human musician collaborators are visionary and generous souls. They originate from nine different countries and are innovators in their ambient, atmospheric, and electronic genres. Collectively, they have received multiple Grammy, Emmy and Golden Globe nominations–as well the BMI Film Music, ASCAP Film and Television Music, COVR Visionary, Qwartz4, Danish Arts Foundation, Japan Gold Disc and Saturn Awards.

Christina Vantzou [BELGIUM]

Christina Vantzou is a composer, artist and videomaker based in Brussels, Belgium. With a background in visual art, she ventured into music first as a video artist/animator/keyboardist as half of The Dead Texan (with Adam Wiltzie of Stars of the Lid ). She later joined Sparklehorse on their 2007 European tour. Christina credits the introduction to Mark Linkous as a catalyst for creating her first full-length album of minimal ambient post-classical music, No. 1. Her second album No. 2 was released in 2014.

“I watched a lot of whale documentaries in my twenties.  I made video samples and then drew the clips out frame by frame, transforming the sequences into weird animations.  My fascination stemmed from the speed at which they moved.  The movement of whales on film in regular speed looked like slow motion to me…I always liked that.  It made me nostalgic for times when the world moved at a slower pace.”


Eric Holm

Eric Holm [USA]

Eric Holm is a London based American electronic musician. His debut album brought together a collection of recordings produced on the arctic island of Andøya, an outpost 300 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle.

His album Andøya was developed entirely from a single contact mic recording of a remote telegraph pole that carries high voltage lines connecting the island’s array of military listening stations. Holm crafted a detailed expansion of this solitary sonic moment, shaping the sound into an immersive meditation on man, nature and isolation. The telegraph pole connected to a seemingly endless network of traversing lines that harnessed the dense ambiance of the landscape, both absorbing and distilling the essence of Andøya’s harsh beatific character. Holm positions his microphone as a witness within a vast cycle of physical transition and terrestrial flux.

“My song was based on an idea I came across while researching whales and getting my head into it all, which is that sailors used to hear whales through the hulls of ships. So I made a track that is something like ancient mariners that may not have even known what they were hearing and the idea of falling asleep to that sound and it effecting dreams. It’s title, ‘My Jaw Was Made Of Ancient Whale’s Bone’, is to do with a dream I had once.”



Geasong [USA]

Geasong is the environmental musical project conceived by singer/songwriter Rebecca Cross. Geasong is organized around the inherent pitch and pulsing of elements and creatures in the wild. The single “Curious Child” was recorded in the 350 foot underground Moaning Cavern in North-Central California and utilized the rhythmic patterns of water drops that have been falling in the same spot for over 400,000 years. “Nocturne L’Oiseau” is created around the low frequencies in the call of the western screech owl mixed with the mating call of a tree frog. “Dream the Bee” is organized around a hive of bees as the predominant tuning and resulting overtones amplified to sound like a harmonium.

To create Geasong, Cross traveled deep into the Ecuadorian Amazon by canoe to record rare bird calls and work with the Achuar Shaman, Don Rafael Taich. Ryan Kleeman also provided many of the field recordings and ambient soundscapes.

“”Dorudon Revival” is a prayer for the whales’ reign of the oceans to be restored. We remorse the horrific actions inflicted upon these magnificent creatures and offer peace, unity, love, and gratitude.  May the whales and all cetaceans be held safely in the ocean waters.”

Schuyler Karr: Bass
Ryan Kleeman: Chimes
Rebecca Cross: Vocals, Crystal Bowl


Greg Ellis [USA]

Greg Ellis is a percussionist/composer/producer living in Los Angeles. He has performed and recorded Zakir Hussain, Kodo, Mickey Hart, Juno Reactor, Billy Idol—as well as film composers Alexandre Desplat, Tyler Bates, Steve Jablonsky, and Ramin Djawadi.

An artist in his own right, Ellis has released four critically acclaimed albums as a founding member of world music group Vas, and his own CD Kala Rupa all on the Virgin/Narada label. His diverse talents can also be heard on numerous film scores including: Godzilla, Transformers: Age Of Extinction, Argo, The Matrix Reloaded & The Matrix Revolutions, 300, Dawn of the Dead, Ironman, Watchmen, and Body Of Lies.

As a recognized advocate for the healing aspects of organic sound and rhythm, he has released his 7 CD box set RhythmPharm, which is being used by health practitioners around the world to help institute states of mindful healing.


Jacob Kirkegaard

Jacob Kirkegaard [DENMARK]

Jacob Kirkegaard is an artist and composer who works in carefully selected environments to generate recordings that are used in compositions, or combined with video imagery in visual, spatial installations. His works reveal unheard sonic phenomena and present listening as a means of experiencing the world. Kirkegaard has recorded sonic environments as different as subterranean geyser vibrations, empty rooms in Chernobyl, Arctic calving glaciers and tones generated by the human inner ear itself.

Based in Berlin, Kirkegaard has presented his works at galleries, museums and concert spaces throughout the world, including MoMA in New York, LOUISIANA in Denmark, KW in Berlin, The Menil Collection at the Rothko Chapel in Houston, and at the Aichi Triennale in Nagoya, Japan. His sound works are released on the Touch, Important Records, VON Archives, and Posh Isolation labels. Kirkegaard is currently an Artist in Residency at the ISCP in New York City, USA.

A.H. Neset wrote of Kirkegaard in The Wire, “For all the scientific rigour to Kirkegaard’s research into the sonic possibilities of various materials, his work reveals an underlying fascination for the mysteries and myths embedded in them. His work channels an access to an inner world.”

“Listening to whales invites me to the abyss of myself.”


John X. Volaitis & Earthstar Continuum [USA]

John X Volaitis was bitten by the “Studio Bug” while still in high school. For the last 30 years, he has produced, mixed, engineered, programmed and played instruments for such artists as: Agent Provocateur, Asia, Audioweb, Barry White, Black Grape, Black Sabbath, Bonnie Raitt, Chuck D, Curve, Dave Navarro, David Bowie, David Coverdale, Destiny’s Child, Doppelganger, Duran Duran, Edith Massey, Etta James, Exodus, Garbage, General Kane, godhead, Hank Williams III, Harry the Dog, Ice Cube, Iggy Pop, Information Society, Jamie Jo Harris/Barry Gibb, Jenna/Weeping Buddhas, Joe Strummer, John Lydon, Johnny Hallyday, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Marc Antoine, Marilyn Manson, Marshall Crenshaw, Michael Hutchence, Mick Jagger, Milla Jovovich, Natalie Cole, Origin, Pandoras, Patrick Swayze, Perry Farrell, Public Enemy, Rebecca Trujill, Reeves Gabrels/Robert Smith, Republica, Rolling Stones, Sheryl Crow, Smokey Robinson, Space Babies, Temptations, The Dickies, The Jesus Lizard, Tom Jones/Art of Noise, Tracy Chapman and U2. Volaitis is also an Emmy nominated songwriter.

Earthstar Continuum is a uniquely creative, multimedia production team based in Venice, CA. The members are Michael & Rebecca Vest (Space Babies, Munda) who founded the Earthstar Creation Center for sonic & visual multi-species interaction; Dave Scher (Interpol, Jenny Lewis) a multi-instrumental magician & ethereal vibe consultant; John X. Volaitis (Rolling Stones) who is old enough to remember a time before creatures walked on land. The team shares great empathy & love for these divine creatures and psychically communicates with them on a regular basis.


Daiguo Li
Li Daiguo [CHINA]

Li Daiguo is one of the leading figures in China’s experimental and traditional music communities. Within the past decade, he has carved out a niche as a: 1) skilled improvisational artist 2) musical polymath (proficient at 12 instruments + throat-singing + beatboxing) and 3) dynamic live performer. He has collaborated musicians Sainkho Namtchylak, Rick Parker, Peter Scherr, FM3, Eyal Maoz, Shanir Bloomenkrantz, Kink Gong, Satoko Fujii, Sato Yuki ,Yan Jun, and Dickson Dee—as well as transgressive Japanese butoh dancers.

Born in Oklahoma to Chinese/Taiwanese parents, Li Daiguo received training in music from the age of 5. He has studied Western classical violin, bluegrass, Chinese classical music (erhu, pipa), the double bass, Finnish folk, Carnatic music, and improvisation. He relocated to mainland China in 2004. In 2008, he began studying the shona mbira and polyrhythmic ritual music in Zimbabwe.

Recent performances include at Cite De La Musique (France), Sonic Protest Music Festival (France), Culturescapes Arts Festival (Switzerland), Norway Flykescommune Educational Music Tour (Norway), COART (China), and Sally Can’t Dance Avantegarde Music Festival (China). He regularly performs in China, Japan, Korea, Israel, and Europe. As a composer, he has been commissioned by Guangzhou Modern Dance Company, Guangzhou Ballet Company, Nobu Khan Malaysian Butoh Dance Festival, and Artist Ye Funa.


Loscil [CANADA]

The serene ambient compositions of loscil come courtesy of Vancouver-based musician Scott Morgan. Taking his moniker from the “looping oscillator” function in the computer music language Csound, Morgan uses custom made Max for Live devices and the occasional live instrument to build robust, droning soundscapes.

loscil’s self-released album, A New Demonstration of Thermodynamic Tendencies, caught the ear of the Chicago independent label Kranky, who in turn signed Morgan’s project and released Triple Point in October of 2001. Since then, Morgan has gone on to release five additional full length albums with Kranky, including the latest Sketches from New Brighton released in September of 2012.  After loscil’s exclusive track “Umbra” on Ghostly’s 2006 compilation Idol Tryouts 2, Ghostly partnered with Morgan in 2009 for the EP Strathcona Variations.  Morgan has periodically partnered with other labels for special projects including 2012′s City Hospital Book Report on Dublin’s WistRec and 2011′s Coast/Range/Arc on Italy’s Glacial Movements. loscil has toured internationally and played at a variety of festivals, including Mutek, New Forms, Decibel, Substrata, and Wordless Music.


Mikael Jorgensen

Mikael Jorgensen [USA]
Mikael Jorgensen is lead pianist and keyboardist for the band Wilco as well as a member of the band Pronto. He first appeared on Wilco‘s 2004 release, A Ghost Is Born. On that album, he received songwriting credit for both “Hell is Chrome” and “Theologians”.

Jorgensen, an ex-Chicago-based engineer and now full time musician initially came aboard to perform real-time sound manipulations on the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Tour, sitting just off stage left, triggering the samples and sonic flourishes required to bring the YHF material to life. As the tour rolled on, Jorgensen gradually moved onto the stage itself, manning his laptop as well as taking on more and more keyboard duties.


Mia Hsieh
Mia Hsieh [TAIWAN]
Mia Hsieh is the vocalist of the internationally recognized group A Moving Sound (“Sheng Dong”), which has performed in a multitude of festivals in more than 18 countries in Europe, America and Asia. A Moving Sound has been featured on The Discovery Channel, NPR, and the BBC. The group is intensely passionate about presenting traditional instruments within its contemporary sound. Their approach is holistic—combining art, spirituality, social awareness, and a universal love of humanity—which all play key roles in their creative process.

Mia’s performances explore worlds of movement, sound and theater from a unique perspective. Mia draws creative inspiration from her roots in Asian culture—as well as an assimilation of experimental and improvisational arts forms. Her vocal influences range from ethnic to experimental music. She often performs her own created language (idioglossia)—chanting, speaking and singing with deep emotion that reaches beyond words. Mia has studied with vocalist Meredith Monk, Lynn Book and Rhiannon. She has collaborated with a variety of visual artists, film directors, fashion designers—as well as creating site-specific works. A recent collaborator said, “Mia’s voice guides the listener through vast expanses of emotion and stillness; audiences are transported the moment she appears on stage.”


Roly Porter

Cynthia Millar

Roly Porter [UK] & Cynthia Millar [UK]

Roly Porter began as half of the British dubstep duo Vex’d, releasing two and numerous EPs and singles—including best-selling Degenerate. As a solo artist, he garnered critical acclaim for his atmospheric sci-fi-themed LP Aftertime and an electro-acoustic live project Fall Back with ondes Martenot player Cynthia Millar. His most recent projects include Dream Cargoes—a composition inspired by the JG Ballard story of the same name for the Unsound Festival in Krakow; and Life Cycle of a Massive Star—an album contrasting human mortality and insignificance with the scale of the cosmos.

Cynthia Millar is a master on the Odes Martinet. She has played on over 100 film soundtracks and with or for (among others) the BBC Orchestras, Edinburgh Festival, Luzern Festival, London Philharmonic, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Monte Carlo Orchestre Philharmonique, National Symphony Orchestra of Washington, New Zealand Symphony, Orchestre National de Lyon, Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg, Orquestra Sinfónica de Castilla y León, San Francisco Symphony, Singapore Symphony, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Sydney Symphonies and London Symphony Orchestra.




Sugizo [JAPAN]

Sugizo, or Sugihara Yune, is a Japanese musician, singer-songwriter and record producer. Known exclusively by his stage name Sugizo, he is best known as lead guitarist and violinist of the rock band Luna Sea. He started his solo career in 1997 and has since collaborated with many artists.

In 2007 he became a member of the trance/world music act Juno Reactor and of the Japanese rock supergroup S.K.I.N.; in 2009 he officially joined the heavy metal band X Japan. In addition, he is known to experiment with multiple musical genres—including rock, psychedelic, and electronica. Sugizo is known renown for his anti-war, anti-nuclear, and environmental activist political views.


Ugis Praulins
Ugis Praulins [LATVIA]

Uģis Prauliņš is a Latvian composer whose choral works have been performed in the Canada, England, France, Lativa and the U.S. His album Paganu Gadagramata (“Pagan Yearbook”), featured Latvian folk musicians and contained a seasonal cycle of traditional songs and instrumental pieces with an emphasis on the natural progression of the seasons. His Christmas composition, “Latvian Solstice in the New World,” was featured on NPR. He has worked with the Danish National Vocal Ensemble, Riga Cathedral Boys Choir, and the Choir of Trinity College of Cambridge.

Prauliņš’s 2010 composition “The Nightingale”—based on the eponymous fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen—was nominated for two Grammy awards.

“There were no producer’s directions—just a collection of hours of recorded whale songs. What marvelous beauty! Contemplation! Motifs repeating! Rhythmic logic! Various moods establishing the ‘pattern’ and then varying and developing! Even polyphonic logic between the high and low register! Their floating alone in the ocean (mostly sad and melancholic it occurs to me) seems quite akin to our Northern European mentality. I also tried to keep the whale’s singing rhythm and tonality in the F sharp minor. I think in the end my “accompaniment” modest, as I wanted to honor the whale as the soloist it is!”


William Basinski [USA]

William Basinski is a classically trained musician and composer who has been working in experimental media for over 30 years in NYC and most recently, California. Employing obsolete technology and analogue tape loops, his haunting and melancholy soundscapes explore the temporal nature of life and resound with the reverberations of memory and the mystery of time. His epic 4-disc masterwork, The Disintegration Loops received international critical acclaim and was chosen as one of the top 50 albums of 2004 by Pitchfork Media. The Temporary Residence deluxe LP box-set reissue from 2012 was awarded best re-issue of the year and a score of 10 on Pitchfork.

Installations and films made in collaboration with artist-filmmaker, James Elaine have been presented in festivals and museums internationally, and his concerts are presented to sold out crowds around the world. Most recently, Basinski was chosen by Music Director, Antony Hegarty to create music for the new Robert Wilson opera, The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic, which had its world premiere at the Manchester International Festival in July 2011 and toured Europe in 2012 and North America in 2013. Orchestral transcriptions of The Disintegration Loops by Maxim Moston have been performed at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Queen Elizabeth Hall, and La Batie Festival in Geneva. Basinski will be touring the world in 2014 in support of his new work, Cascade, which will be released in February 2015 on 2062/USA.

“I did some research and found a wonderful short lecture by Dr. Roger Payne, Ph.D. on YouTube. This was recorded on a flexidisc and came in an issue of National Geographic from 1979.  In the lecture, Dr. Payne mentions the fact that a recording of whale song was included on the famous “gold record” that was sent out into the universe on the Voyager spacecraft that has now left our galaxy. I was inspired to try an excerpt of my “music of the spheres” experiment, “The River”, (where I pulled sounds from the airwaves using tape loops and shortwave radio), and see how it played with the whale songs. I was delighted with the result. It is an honor to be a part of this project.”