Producer: Jenney M. Hall
Engineering & Mastering: Robert Feist & Ravenswork
Additional Mastering: Mark Fuller / Fullersound
Mixing: Keram Malicki-Sanchez & Chris Hastings
Cover Artist:
David Eddington

Back Cover Artist: Samantha Keely Smith
Package Design: Harold Linde
Web Design: Straw to Gold
Whale Photography: Christopher Michel
Legal Counsel & General Wisdom: Susan Grode
Special Thanks
Annie Ahern, David Gardiner, Kate and Miranda Gardiner, Jenney M. Hall, Earl Katz, Harry and Andrea Linde, Pam Loupe, Rich and Kay Manzella, Tony Manzella, Wallace J. Nichols, Steve Readmond, Joseph Schuster, Steven Weber, Bianca White, Wu De, and Bob Zaugh.
The amount of generosity provided by POD TUNE our crowdfunding supporters and donors is as massive as the whales themselves. This project would not have been possible without their kindness. These gigantic-hearted souls include:


Adrienne Frankel
Allen Christian
Andrea and Harry Linde
Anita Wiggins
Annie Ahern
Benjamin Ariff
Bill Unruh
Bina Sinha
Bob Zaugh
Celia Alario
Cheryl Bloch
Constantia Tielbeke
Christopher Michel
Cora Poage
Crystal Thomas
Danika Potter
David Gardiner
David Greene
David Eddington
Debbie Valliere
Deborah Dempsey
Dorothy Bourgeois
Doug Ellis
Dror Amir
Earl Katz
Francesco Barbera
Gillian Caldwell
Jennie Linthorst
Jennifer Casdorph
Jesse Gros
Julieanne Chazotte
Kambria Metcalfe
Karen G. Whalen
Kevin Raich
Kim Crawford
Kyle Carasso
Larry Otting
Laura Goetz
Laurel Lewis
Laurie Kaufman
Leah Lamb
Lenore Perry
Linda L. Wehbi
Lisa Pound
Loretta Worthington
Marge Tabankin
Margaret Callahan
Marion McClure
Mark Landsman
Meredith Hailey
Michael K. Odegaard
Monique Reynes
Nadine Weil
Nancy Grossman-Samuel
Paul Kaye
Peter Bloomfield
Rachel Katz
Rob Ganger
Robert Feist
Rose Wenzel
Roy R. Platt
Samantha Keely Smith
Scott and Carol Ritchie
Shannon Bindler
Sharon and Dave Williams
Sim Saran
Sophie Fletcher
Susanna Sallinen
Tamar Hurwitz
Tom and Ginny Eakins
Trish O’Brien
Violeta Villacorta