POD TUNE reviewed in Czech ArtMag A2 article WAILS, SIGHS AND GRUNTS: Whale songs in Popular Music

“Achieves a very intimate connection with the sonic manifestation of whales with ease and effortlessness…” by Vojtěch Jírovec.[Read the entire article]

POD TUNE Debuts on KCRW’s Rhythm Planet Show with Tom Schnabel

“With all the screaming and shouting heads of this political season, I thought it would be a nice change to listen to some “natural conversations.” Perhaps some might even find certain tracks to be soothing or mesmerizing…”[Read the entire […]

Erik Davis Posts POD TUNE Article on Techgnosis

“Though largely ambient, the tracks reflect a wide range of strategies for shaping humpback vocalizations into music…”[Read the entire article]

POD TUNE goes Vinyl for the Winter Holidays!

POD TUNE Holiday Cover Art copy

POD TUNE—the pioneering “Accessible Interspecies Ambient Music” album created by
humpback whales and renowned international musicians—releases 200 limited-edition
vinyl pressings for the Winter Holidays. [Read the entire press release]

Morgan Stanley Mosaic Magazine Features POD TUNE

Morgan Stanley’s special holiday Giving Issue acknowledges how POD TUNE “Gives Back To Ocean Alliance and BlueMind Project, devoted to ocean conservation…” [Read the entire article]

The Wire Reviews the POD TUNE Album

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“Atmospheric cuts underscore cetacean scrape and rattle, including stellar marine soundscapes from Roly Porter, Jacob Kirkegaard and William Basinski…” [Read the entire article]

Females Artists on POD TUNE Honored by Feminatronic


“This is a pure ambient joy and wonderful collection of tracks that I can’t fail to make my Todays Discovery, including Christina Vantzou and Mia Hsieh…” [Read the entire article]

Uplifting Review of POD TUNE on CMUSE

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“This beautiful and esoteric music project is a wonderful illustration of the collaboration between man and animal using the sound textures inherent in how we all communicate through music…” by D Grant Smith. [Read the entire article]

Profound Review of POD TUNE on A Closer Listen


“We can now imagine a parallel, aquatic music world, free of mp3s and release dates, in which the newest, most beautiful music arrives in the throats of the world’s largest mammals…” by Richard Allen. [Read the entire article]

POD TUNE featured on The Incidentally


“This is music, the way nature intended.” in Humpback Whales: a Musical Comeback by Lemont Furnace. [Read the entire article]