POD TUNE Examined in Dutch Creative Journal The Grid by Visionary Animism Scholar

“Adds enigma instead of subtracting it…” by scholar Bogna M Konior who is exploring inter-species shamanism and visual arts in the Anthropocene. [Read the entire article]

POD TUNE Appears in August Issue of Global Tea Hut

“A great tea album…”[Read the entire article]

Landscape Music’s Nell Shaw Cohen Reviews POD TUNE

“A sonic tapestry evoking oceanic experiences and imagining sonic bridges between human and whale…”[Read the entire article]

LA Weekly’s Jonny Coleman Reviews POD TUNE


“Ambient music based on whale songs has no business being this good…”[Read the entire article]

Polish Electronic Music Journal Polyphonia Reviews POD TUNE

“One thing is certain: the whales sing too, and their serenades fill the entire ocean…”[Read the entire article]

Michael Durek Listened 10 Times to POD TUNE for Reivew in The Brooklyn Rail


“I think the humpback whales would approve…”[Read the entire article]

POD TUNE featured in Vuhneeshun Magazine EL NIÑO Issue #2


“An album that engages the primacy of the ocean’s great sound waves…”[Read the entire article]

POD TUNE Makes Stationary Travels 2015 In Review List

“A highly original compilation featuring whale song and music by a globally and musically diverse group of artists…”[Read the entire article]

Deeply Sympathetic Review of POD TUNE on Stationary Travels

“The recording values are outstanding throughout and fully up to conveying the ambitious scope as well as the cavernous resonance and ponderous mystery of these colossal ocean denizens…” [Read the entire article]

Effusive Review of POD TUNE on Radio Venice

“With respect to Pod Tune itself, each track is deserving of attention, and the overall collection is the profound accomplishment…” [Read the entire article]